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"Don't Stick Your Toes In Your Nose" is a fun and adventurous story about a little boy named Bruce K. whose curiosity gets him into everything; and whose mom is always there to help guide him in the right direction with whimsical rhyms to his silly antics. Her guidance is fun and full of love. 

When Bruce puts two slices of bread into his hair, Mom chimes in with “Leave your chair, wash your hair / and don’t scrub your head with the bread."


The whimsical tale is taken to another level with the beautifully vibrant cartoon art illustrated by Tyrus Goshay.


Be sure to purchase the accomanying coloring and activity books for a full adventure. 


Ordering from our website, you receive an autographed copy and free shipping. 

First time author Kama Shell is based in Michigan. She is an RN and lives with her husband and son (who was the inspiration for this story) in Southeastern Michigan.


Let's support Michigan authors! "Don't Stick Your Toes In Your Nose" is a great gift for any child or new parent. 

Don't Stick Your Toes In Your Nose

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