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Help us step forward to champion initiatives that uplift communities and individuals alike. Through strategic initiatives and partnerships and community engagement, let's unite in a shared vision of progress.


From supporting Michigan Volunteer Firefighters, to empowering the voices of Michigan Indigenous Boarding School Survivors and their journey to heal, to sharing the story of one man who dove into pushing is body as a form of therapy to positively overcome divorce, these initiatives embody the spirit of unity and resilience that defines Michigan.


Together, Michiganders are building bridges, breaking barriers, and empowering one another, creating a brighter future for all and leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of social change.

To support our initiatives and to donate, please visit our Love Where You Live Foundation website

Below you will find the following Initiatives to Support: 

Note: These donations are made to the Love Where You Live Foundation, which is a pending 501(c)(3) foundation for Live Love Local Michigan. We are currently waiting on 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS.  All donations made in 2024 will be tax deductible as designated by law and you will receive a donation letter indicating your contribution at the end of the year.


Volunteer Firefighters are the backbone of our communities. Over 85 percent of our firefighters in Michigan are volunteer. From fires, to car accidents, to water rescues, to every day support, our Michigan volunteer firefighters show up for us in ways no one else does. Read our articles and listen to our podcast on our Michigan volunteer firefighters by clicking the images below (you will be directed off of this site). 


We here at Live Love Local Michigan™ celebrate our volunteer firefighters and raise funds to support their mental health services and equipment needs. One hundred percent of profits from the sale of our firefighter products is donated back into our communities to support our volunteer first responders.


You can also make an addition monteary donation here.  



We continue our powerful journey of truth, reconciliation, and healing with survivors of the Indigenous boarding school The Holy Childhood School of Jesus in Harbor Springs. Through their courageous narratives, we confront the difficult truths of abuse, torment, and the unsettling realities concealed in unmarked graves and beneath paved roads.

This documentary is not about seeking revenge or assigning blame. Instead, it serves as a platform to witness the resilience and strength of our Native brothers and sisters. For those of us who are descendants of white assimilation, we must pause and acknowledge the historical atrocities committed by our ancestors and bring resolution to it.

This journey goes beyond notions of "white guilt" or superficial apologies. It's about actively listening to and understanding the truths of our Native communities, striving to reconcile the past and actively participate in the healing of intergenerational trauma. It calls for a commitment to truth, understanding, and empathy.

Through this documentary, we aim to amplify the voices of survivors; sharing their truths and accompanying them on their healing journey toward a shared, unified future. Join us in engaging in open dialogue, amplifying Indigenous voices and  address systemic challenges. Together, we contribute to a collective journey of reconciliation, fostering a future of healing and cultural revival—central tenets of our shared national narrative of autonomy and democracy.


We all struggle with adversity in life at varying degrees. How we deal with that adversity significantly impacts our mental health. Resilient coping mechanisms contributes to better mental well-being.

Developing coping strategies during challenging times enhances emotional resilience, fostering a sense of control and self-efficacy. The way we navigate adversity can have profound effects on our mental health, influencing our overall emotional resilience and psychological well-being.

In this documentary, we follow Saginaw resident Anthony Brown on his preparation journey to secure is Pro Card in Natural Bodybuilding. 

Anthony dove into the world of bodybuilding after a difficult divorce and claims that it saved his life. The remarkable thing about Anthony's journey is he is just like you and me - the everyday man.

And he is doing this all on his won. No trainer, no dietition, just Anthony and his resilience to heal through proving to himself that he can. 

Help us empower Anthony by supporting the making of this documentary and sharing Anthony's story. Some of the proceeds will go directly to Anthony's training prep. Healing is sometimes and expensive endeavor. 

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